No Noise: All OSET bikes are completely silent. This opens up lots of NEW environments that would not normally be conducive to riding a traditional combustion engine machine, for example the backyard or driveway. All of a sudden there are many new possibilities, as these machines are less offensive and intimidating to others.

No Smell: The linger of two stroke pre-mix burning though a hot exhaust is a smell many enthusiasts relate to, and love. But, unfortunately, the fact is many non-motorcyclists consider it offensive and along with the noise, it's something they could do without. Again, not a problem for the OSET.

No Gas: Another benefit of being electric is there is very little running cost, simply the cost of electricity. Run time cost is a fraction of gas-powered bikes and there are no fumes or fluid spillage. This also is appealing during transport. Now owners can load the smaller bikes into the back seat of any vehicle, etc.

Simple: While some of the electrical components are quite sophisticated, the mechanics of each OSET is beautifully simple. There is only one moving part, that of the motor and because of this and the push fit connectors, there is very little maintenance required, and furthermore very little to go wrong.

Powerful: The electric concept lends itself perfectly to the trials riding application. The high levels of torque at low rpm are vital to the success of many of the techniques we see employed by the World’s elite in modern trials riding. The power from an electric motor is linear, and as such there is no flat spot of weak point in the power band of the OSET. All the power is available to the rider at a flick of the wrist and is delivered via our sophisticated and highly developed control units.

Adjustable control: All OSET’s are fitted with potentiometers which regulates the amount of current to the back wheel, enabling adjustments to top speed, and response on the 12.5 models and an additional power adjustment is added to the larger models to be dialled in to the rider’s needs and skill level.

No Hot Exhaust: By the very virtue that these little bikes are electric there is the subsequent benefit that there are no hot parts that could potentially scald the rider should the rider become trapped under the bike in the event of an accident.

Lightweight: Our 12.5 model weighs 58lbs and our 16.0 model 73lbs, which is the best part of half the weight of any other children’s motorcycle on the market. Not only does this mean it is more manageable for the rider to ride; it is also more manageable for the rider to lift the bike off him/herself in the event of an accident. Which we feel is a great benefit, as it can build the confidence of the young rider.

Ergonomically Designed: All our bikes are designed to fit the needs of the rider at every age between 3- 73. Whatever the size of the rider there is an OSET which will fit them physically, where our R & D team have taken time to consider the needs of the rider.

Transportable: OSETs are small and lightweight as a function of their design, with the added benefit that the 12.5 and 16 will also fit easily into the trunk of most cars. No longer do you need a van or a trailer to go to events. Now no additional equipment is needed.


OSET’s 12.5 models are the best bikes to get kids introduced to riding: No noise and low seat height helps overcome the initial intimidation of learning to ride. The adjustability of speed and response dials lets kids learn at their own pace. Separate front and rear brake levers and a magnetic safety kill switch are all mounted on the handlebar, as well as a keyed ignition switch making these bikes very safe and user friendly. The low stand-over height of our stock units provides kid’s confidence to “reach” the ground when things get technical or difficult.

Mother friendly: All the above means you have a proper full-fledged little motorcycle that can be used with little supervision, in only a small amount of space, safely and confidently by the rider. All the while enabling the young rider to learn all the basics on how to control a motorcycle.